In Case You Missed Yesterday’s “FLASH” Email

Medicare premiums much higher in 2022 (click here to read).
It has always been the case that my fave book on Medicare (ahem, pre-order here) has strongly emphasized that:

  • Medicare will continue to face demographic and fiscal pressure.

  • You need to adjust your plans, in order to save money and get the best-suited benefits. The carriers will continue to adjust and compete, which has been largely in the consumer’s favor, IF AND ONLY IF you stay updated.

  • Options are overwhelmingly in your favor, unlike almost any other financial and insurance matter, if you understand what you are doing and have been shepherded across the finish line.

If you are new here, welcome and thank you, get ready to hear this about 8 trillion more times. If you are not new here, then the smell in the air is the reek of repetition. For some, it’ll take all 8 trillion times, until they get it.