In theory, I am wildly underpaid

  • I already know that the Comprehensive Financial Planning service can literally transform the way that a household looks at its financial future. I have receipts, and I am pretty sure clients will say so, publicly.

  • At $3000 for a lifetime of financial guidance, it is wildly underpriced. This underpricing will end on December 31, 2023.

In practice…

  • People think that they will be able to use free tools online, and get a single summary answer.

  • People believe that they can figure out the combination of inputs all together, at once, by themselves. I am biased but here is the shortened list of the variables: Social Security, tax optimized investment strategy across qualified and non-qualifed funds (including Roth IRA), healthcare cost planning, insurance planning, lifetime income planning. And individualized for a household’s specific preferences.

  • Doesn’t matter, many don’t think it’s worth a penny.

In other words, what I think does not matter. Just like what the banks have as the value of $xxx it has on their commercial real estate portfolio, and just like what I think my brass elephant is worth.