In This Issue

  • Is omission evidence of ignorance or lack of fulfilling fiduciary responsibility? It’s unclear.

  • Investments & Wealth Institute presentation deck. Paid subscribers can see my presentation deck (in draft form) that I am giving to the Investments & Wealth Institute. My presentation is apparently going to award continuing education credits to attendees.

  • Brand New Medicare Tool (Paid Subscribers only)

  • Uninsured Americans will now be charged for PCR Covid-19 tests (link)

  • Nerd Alert: Taking Stock of Medicare Advantage: Overview (link). Generally speaking, it is my view that The Commonwealth Fund is amongst the highest-quality, politics neutral, resources. Doesn’t mean that I always agree with the findings, but among the think-tanks, it’s the top of the heap or close to it. If this looks like I’m complimenting Gretchen Jacobsen, vice president of the Medicare Program, there’s a reason for that: it is.