In This Video:

  • Facts can change, and Bayes tells you that probabilities can change. Therefore, being stuck with antiquated shortcuts, incompletely formulated from the beginning, is a path to nothing good, unless you are very, very lucky.

  • Medicare ABCs Seminar (here’s the link for paid subscribers)

  • Dividend stocks may seem like a good idea…but the stress on the denominator can create problems (the clip is here).

  • Good thing everyone has read this Newsletter, understood that markets are there to show you the price that people are willing to pay for my coffee mug. So you understand that we are MERELY AT THE RED ARROW, even here as new lows approach, rapidly.

  • With in this in mind, the YTD lows are in sight, and so are the post-pandemic highs (before the Fed-induced liftoff). It’s almost as if JPM CEO Jamie Dimon watched the broadcast over the weekend…probably not =).