Inflation Is “Transitory”? Really?

Here are other people’s viewpoints on what you could possibly do.


How Reliable Is Inflation Data for Investors Heading into 2022? (click here).

For me, this means

a. Floating rate borrowing to fixed, so if your interest rates adjust, then maybe a change.

b. Portfolio and investment strategy needs to consider this, but beware the cross-currents which are usually not mentioned in the media, which can be much larger than the headlines state (regular readers of the emails know this is my point).

c. Remember that good companies doesn’t necessarily mean good stocks in the short run. And by the way, you may not have the time horizon to last in the long run, because remember that others will have a very different perspective on the definition of “long run.”

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We see the data, and are not surprised: those that know the deadline is December 15th are busy, getting their quotes on (click here).

The problem with the website is that it is difficult to shop first, and the site is tough to navigate. The headline, however, is accurate. December 15th looms, and this is the date that is more important than the January 15th (drop dead deadline). The reason is that the counters (deductible and out of pocket maximum) only begin when coverage begins, and you want that sooner, not later. Plus, if you discover a health situation in early January, you can switch from a weaker plan, to a more robust plan, because you may have received information that requires an adjustment. You will have the ability to change until January 15th.

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Year-End Cleanup and Planning

You’ll notice a common theme. Financial strategy is now far more complicated because topics that you thought were separate, aren’t. The fact is the recent evolution of IRMAA and the ACA have simply reinforced the message that Comprehensive Financial Planning clients have known.

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