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Medicare Advantage Is Not Going Away

Podcast Has Been Renamed

Oddly, the greatest number of people that have reached me directly come from the podcast. Maybe it’s my dulcet, ASMR-inducing voice (not).

Video being prepared, will be up over the next days.

This is the Spotify link, you can find it Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, anywhere.

Markets Stabilize, But JPM CEO Isn’t Convinced

Not financial advice, dyor. That said, when Jamie talks….

Here’s Your Snapshot

60% US Stocks, 40% US Bonds YTD = -4.83%

Blackrock LifePath Index 2040 Fund = -4.94%


Not a great start to the year obviously, at a time where the seasonality of markets should’ve been heavily weighted towards higher equities (January effect).

Look at the image below. The point is that when markets were straight up, diversification wouldn’t provide headline-grabbing returns. But, when the waters are choppy, then models and diversification outperform the highfliers like PayPal, down 53% in the last six months.

You can also measure your portfolio without day-trading. The benchmarking will reveal, over months, what risks you might have, but not realize that you are taking.


If you are working, this is, for me, the very first stop. COVID-19 has only made this more important. There are LOTS of instances when you cannot work due to illness, yet not ‘bad enough’ to get admitted into an overcrowded hospital. Yet, the bills continue…

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