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Simple Reminder: You can change your Medicare Advantage plan through the end of the month.

Simple Reminder: You can still enroll in individual health insurance if your household income is below 150% of FPL

Free Guidance

Age Is Just A Number

These two people don’t care what I think, nor should they, I have zero time for any other narratives. They have earned their right to do and say as they wish.

Continue to win at the highest level, on top of 3 HOF careers

Perform for 2 hours in a row, without rest, around the world, despite not owning a single thing to anyone (and with 5 Grammy awards on her shelf, at twenty years old)

Maybe, just maybe. we can just learn something from them.

TB12 & Billie > Unearned Grandstanding

Lemme remind you that bookstores:

Carry 100 copies of I Love My Cat and Dukes of Hazzard calendars

Get a 60% discount on the retail listed price

Take 0% risk because unsold copies can be returned for no cost

Are the statements in the tweet true? Maybe, maybe not.

But, booksellers underestimated its competition, Amazon took advantage of inexplicable inefficiencies in the delivery of products to consumers. Has there been excess? I simply do not know. But it is clear that booksellers believed the status quo would last forever, didn’t adjust. It should’ve never gotten to this point. Period. Now, booksellers are left in this position.

I can tell you that I have personally called booksellers (even though the royalty is less than a candy bar, a true fact), to suggest my favorite book on a topic that is vital to over 62 million possible consumers. With very few exceptions, the response has been lukewarm, at best. They would rather carry the 100 copies of I Love My Cat.

Got it, you need not tell me twice.

Instead, I Have To Keep Quiet LOL

For us commoners, we have to swallow our tongues.

Oil Crash and Statistics (not financial advice)

As of this writing, oil way down (-8.09%) and stocks up (+.49%).

But but but

Even Short-term Traders Can’t Escape This

The small “i” is the yield on the graph above, and NPV is the price of any financial asset. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’…. (dyor).

Shortest list of asset prices affected.

Nasdaq (ticker QQQ), the most interest-rate sensitive

Real estate values

Borrowing costs for auto loans and leases

Fed on tap this week, who will likely shrug off the Ukraine situation, and continue on its mission to attempt to control inflation by raising interest rates and reiterating its stance to sell some of its massive bond holdings (you can see this take everywhere, I’m taking zero credit for it).