It’s A Full-Blown Caregiver Crisis

Father Time is undefeated, we know this. Unfortunately, it usually takes a catastrophic event to pay attention, and a Caregiver Crisis ensues.

Annalee Kruger, Founder of Care Right, Inc, and I discuss the many different challenges that face the extended family when someone cannot take care of him/herself.

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From Annalee:
We know it takes courage to inquire for help with aging loved one’s care needs. If the message in this podcast hit home for you and your family, we welcome you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consult. Those who do schedule a consult, will receive a copy of Annalee’s book, The Invisible Patient: the Emotional, Financial, and Physical Toll on Family Caregivers, which is jam-packed with tips and tools, including scripts for family meetings, understanding dementia, understanding caregiver burnout, checklists for touring care communities and how to interview home care companies, and much more. Mention this podcast when you schedule your consult at or call Annalee directly at 239.770.6322