Jae’s Corner Exclusive Video

This is not going on YouTube. In fact, the reality is that I am likely to move most new videos off YouTube. I completely disagree with the way that the algorithm works, which attempts to keep you in silos, within niches. That creates LOTS of financial problems. The issue? People are not aware that this exists.

Unfortunately, most professionals either:

  • Also don’t know that lack of understanding AMONG the adjacent topics is very costly, affecting financial plans at every net worth class.

  • OR, they do know, and they are intentionally keeping it from you, because they don’t want to reveal that they are under-equipped on the next topic. Ask your stock broker about the scope and scale of the financial differences caused by lack of knowledge of the ACA, Medicare IRMAA. The issue is the financial differences are huge, they are very important to YOU, and re-making that same amount of money cannot easily be made in financial markets.

I don’t have an easy solution here, because all of the financial guidance industries award certifications, licenses, etc, within their respective silo, not on the function or interaction amongst these topics.

Year-End is here, I am beyond exhausted.

  • Medicare AEP ends on December 7

  • ACA enrollment ends on December 15 for Jan 1 coverage. Note that the federal deadline is actually January 15, for those that want coverage to begin on February 1. We would have specific guidance and information for those people, not here for public, because someone will misunderstand, and use it wrongly.

  • Capital gains calculations, including distributions from mutual funds, mean that your taxable income can be estimated [and errors in prior estimates need to be corrected].

It’s a Newsletter-Only Video

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