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PLEASE WATCH, LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE. Lookit, you are already here, but the way that YouTube, especially YouTube works, is that views, clicks and comments are being automatically reviewed, and the results get pushed to the people who are browsing. So you don’t actually even need to tell anyone. Just press buttons.

Let’s go the other way: we (not really we) are very seriously considering a paid-subscriber model only if we decide that the free information is not meeting our increasing opportunity cost requirements. That would be a huge disservice, in my opinion, because I have seen the other publicly available material. And there are many that have benefitted who are not clients (Medicaid, SSDI, Extra Help).

Presenter isn’t pretty, videos ugly, thumbnails ugly? Yeah sure. Don’t wanna pay for the subscription? Your choice, I’d rather you not, but that is 100% up to you.
Clicking or typing in a comment is a more-than-fair ask, maybe I’m wrong.

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I would tell Millennial Jae no NOT overlook ST disability income insurance, which is now available in the private market, and I suspect there field will be populated with new entrants in about a nanosecond.