Senator Manchin Puts On His Green Suit

Sea Of Red Ensues

Not financial advice, dyor.

If It Looks Like A Duck, and Quacks Like A Duck

This graph show the payouts of an a complicated simple options strategy.
The screen is from CNBC’s Options Action, a show I don’t watch, it happened to be playing in a public place, and I noticed it. Smirk.

Now, you understand how we can analyze an almost-endless number of products (insurance, annuities, financial markets, combinations of all)?

There is a reason for the first part of this video, yanno.

Year-End Clean Up

If you find this to be news, you are very late, it’s the top of the 9th inning.

Year to date capital gains, dividend, and interest information must be understood for obvious reasons.

This information must be reconciled because the ripple effect can be to your health insurance premium, either under the ACA or possibly IRMAA.

What Is The Right Age To Understand Medicare?

In order, these are checkpoints.

a. late 50s: reason is that investment strategy for some will affect taxes, thereby changing both Medicare and the retirement timeline.

b. 2 years prior to the first person in a household becoming eligible for Medicare. Example, 63 year old full-time employee, with 61 year old spouse who is a part-time employee. Reason: the question is how to consider the combination, to get the optimal combination of price and benefits.

c. 4 months prior to being eligible for Medicare. Reason: there are forms and delays when dealing with the federal government. In order to get all components into proper place, you need to be correctly and completely enrolled in Medicare Part A (at the minimum) and Part B (for those without employer-sponsored coverage).


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