Life Insurance Retirement Plan (LIRP)

Here’s something cool. “Someone like me” created a site, created all the documents for a life insurance policy that I described in this video. If anything, the market turmoil has presented a very interesting entry point, because:

  • Financial market indices are lower which is good because it increases the likelihood of positive crediting rates, for those that are beginning now, or recently, and

  • Interest rates are higher, so conservative allocations can still yield positive crediting inside the policy.

That doesn’t make IUL perfect, but it can play a role, no question.

Click here to read his take, which is similar to mine.

Life Insurance As Retirement Planning Tool 

When people think about the phrase “life insurance,” they usually think about funeral expenses. However, that is only part of the story.

Indexed Universal Life can be used, but with so many carriers and plans, you need to understand “what’s in there.”

There are enormous differences, both risks and rewards, among the dizzying number of choices. Once you understand what to look for, actually choosing and executing,

in the amount that fits your situation, is a separate, vital step. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave your comments / questions!