MA Open Enrollment Period | Ends March 31

For Existing Medicare Advantage Members Only

For most Medicare Advantage members, you can change once but that ends on March 31.

  • If you have received healthcare services, your ‘progress’ towards the annual out of pocket maximum would be set back to zero.

  • There might still be reason to change. For example, you discover that a physician is out of network, or you decide that a PPO is better for you. A carrier / plan may have enhanced benefits that may fit your specific needs.

  • You can cancel your membership and return to Original Medicare. I do not believe this is a great idea, without securing Medigap coverage first. If you do not, then you risk not having a maximum out of pocket limit, if your Medigap application is refused. You cannot rejoin any Medicare Advantage plan after March 31st, unless you separately qualify for a Special Election Period which allows an enrollment into a Medicare Advantage plan.

  • Important note: Agents / brokers are not allowed to reach out in order to encourage you to change plans.

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