Markets Relentlessly Choppy and Nervous

There is a silver lining to volatile markets. This doesn’t mean that you should be staring at your brokerage site. It simply means that you can get FAR BETTER information about your money when markets move in erratic ways.

  • Whenever I talk about investment strategy, I always ask, “tell me when you win, and when you lose.” Most of the time, I receive word salad. This is what we are trying to avoid. Again, there is always some risk involved. Different people will definitely want/require/want to avoid certain amounts of risk.

  • It’s like a stress test, and when markets move around erratically, you can get a far better sense of the risks you are running. That needs to fit your financial reality, and then your financial plan for the future. The advisory business is not built to address issues in this order, its #1 objective is to increase assets under management. Does that mean that they are doing anything illegal? No, of course not.

  • It is a common idea. The issue with all advisory businesses is that the rules and regulations deal with “how” the job is done. What we have here on Jae’s Corner is asking the first question: WHAT job should money be doing? From that answer, we can find solutions to meet that ‘job.’