Marle (above) Wants You To Sit Down

There is a huge different between:

  • I am a poker player.

  • I know how to play poker.

Do you know why I don’t play expensive poker? The entry fee for a tournament is well over $1000 (the payout can be >$200,000. Yeah, but the competition actually knows how to play:

  1. Professional poker is now run by people with game theory optimal (GTO) simulations that run all night. The people have backgrounds and time to study all day and night, running computer simulations. The idea that I would consistently, over a period of 5 hours, beat an Eastern European, 19-yr old math whiz, with nothing but a room of computers, and time?

  2. Have I beaten very good players in a single instance? Yes.

  3. Can I beat them and 2000 others, over 5 hours, consecutively? HAHAHA. Let me stay over here, in my lane.

  4. The allure of poker is that people win a single hand, think they can compete. This makes poker very different from chess, you are not beating a grandmaster, even in a single instance. Poker then, is a far better analogy, when you can be fooled by a single random event.

  5. Oh, hello, the first books you should read about investing. Links are here and here.

    6. I am not smart enough to invent/create these books, but I can summarize them. Ah, perhaps I already have done this, the entire time, right here on this newsletter.