It Should Be “Stocks For Show, Bonds For Dough”

Good thing that y’all have been paying very close attention to Jae’s Corner…RIGHT? RIGHT?

On April 1, this article appeared in the venerable New York Times (link).

Wut, Wat, What?

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Just re-read the first line from the except. You can also click on the image to read the whole thing. There’s a timestamp, this isn’t Monday-Morning Quarterbacking.

Relationships among assets, however, need to observed.

This has not been a difficult period to understand. It is simply that:

The lens being provided to the public is generally wrong or interpreted wrongly, (six of one, half-dozen of another), for a long list of reasons that I will never be able to resolve.

The information may ultimately get to you (the reason for the timestamp on the NY Times article), it’s just an example. By then it’s too late (for now).

All summarized by “Stocks for show, bonds for dough.” No, I not kidding. It’s a snarky ripoff from “Drive for show, putt for dough (congrats to 25 yr old Scottie Scheffler).”

Let’s see, the MUCH bigger amount of money sits with the most important global investors, who have the access to the information first.

No wonder that the bond market is VERY RARELY WRONG over time.

Dot-com bubble? Yep.

Housing crisis? Yep.

Small stuff too, remember Enron. MCI Worldcom. Parmalat. Bonds know first. The stock? Very very funny.

FORE! With both meanings.



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