Me vs. ChatGPT

Excellent at introducing concepts, in general. Not specific enough, not nuanced enough. The reason this matters is that when you are signing up for plans or agreements, they are not written on a napkin, yanno? There are attorneys involved here, they use specific language, they don’t interchange words without a specific reason. The money, or loss of it, is in the exactness.

ChatGPT is VERY GOOD at describing financial topics. However, I would call it very good editions of commodity explanations.

Bottom line is that I think that AI/ChatGPT will be helpful, because you will always have the “garbage in, garbage out” issue: people don’t know where to start to ask. How do I know this? I am not flooded with questions, so I am pretty certain.

I am going to take a very long list of topics, from the ground up, show you how AI describe it, and then point out where I agree, and where I don’t.

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