Medicaid Unwinding: Help Your Neighbor

There is no community unaffected. Medicaid is being cancelled for those that no longer qualify, due to the Public Health Emergency ending. On this newsletter, I have stated that the existing predictions of how many were too low, it wasn’t a hero call. Early evidence has suggested this easy call was correct.

Pitfalls Exist

Worse is that some people are going to have to pay a tax penalty, because they are attempting to wrongly stay off their employer’s insurance, and keep the ACA with lower premiums. This is not allowed under the ACA, unless you have received an exemption, there are calculations to complete, and forms to be filed to get this exemption. There are more pitfalls, this was an easy one.

Y’all know what I think about handling this yourself, right?

Easy Steps

  • Receive the letter from your state? Answer it, immediately.

  • At the same time, check out the alternatives: click here, it’s free.

  • If Medicaid is cancelled, save the letter, and go back to select (after sending us an email to make sure that you have correctly estimated your health insurance premium, this is a financial matter, not a healthcare matter).

Be Selfish & Share This With Someone You Know

They don’t eat at Jae’s Rib Shack anymore because they are over-paying for health insurance. Jae’s Rib Shack has additional problems, yanno (we are getting to that in the next article).