Medicare Advantage Hacks

The Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period ends on March 31. Existing Medicare Advantage policyowners can switch to another plan, once, and that period ends in a week.

If you like your plan and intend to keep it, here is a detail that many know, and many do not.. The “vouchers” that you may be awarded for OTC health products are very usually awarded on a monthly basis, and they do NOT roll into the next month. So some of our new people, who have rolled into new Medicare Advantage plans, did not know this (until we told them).

Last point: one reason that has not been mentioned frequently is that sometimes, the benefit of non-Medicare services is SO LARGE AND IMPORTANT to you, that this can be the reason to change (uh, dental anyone). And and and, if you switching to a new carrier, then your maximum benefit amount will reset to $0, and on top of that, most Medicare Advantage carriers will offer enhanced benefits for an extra premium. One of those enhanced benefits can be a higher maximum benefit amount. Better yet, the premium for enhanced “packages” is very usually less expensive than private-purchased dental insurance.

See that last paragraph? $1000s for someone that is paying attention.