Medicare AEP Ends Dec 7; ACA Enrollment in Full Swing

We will have a special, free, live session today on November 18 at 10A. This will be the sanitized version. I have stated that regulations and the feedback loop are difficult, the world changes, and adjustments need to be made.

More and more, the valuable information will be for paid subscribers. The simply reason is that we live in a world where “False Credit, False Blame” is prevalent.

  • If you sincerely believe that you can find the coordinated set of information and insight provided, then I am not going to take “false credit,” it is your prerogative to believe this, and pursue that information. That is always the consumers’ prerogative.

  • The flip side is that we work too many hours, with notable regulatory risks, especially around health insurance, that we need a tighter ship. We need a ‘gate,’ to prevent “False Blame.”

  • I do not lose one wink of sleep over the specific guidance provided to any client. I lose sleep over the idea that some random person, who I do not know, cherry picks a fragment of a statement that I make, and then blames me for it. I would be required to cease working, and devote 100% of my energy in defending myself and my professional affiliations with others. Don’t get me wrong: I will do so, without limit.

It’s Not A Pity Party

Every year, I am rewarded by helping a specific person, who has brought a very specific situation, where they had no idea, and needed expert guidance. This year, that person is Susan K, adult daughter to parents in their 80s. She is now fully confident in knowing that her parents are covered, within the mutually-agreed set of expectations. I am personally and professionally grateful to her, that she has stepped forward to help her parents.

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