Medicare Annual Election Period Ends Dec 7
Looks like 3 weeks is plenty of time, right? NOPE.

Here’s a short list of stuff we need to accomplish.

  • I need information about your existing status.

  • I need to know if you have family members that would be affected.

  • I need to get your healthcare providers and prescriptions.

  • I need to show you what is available.

  • You need to actually understand the options and the timelines.

  • We need to execute.

There are roadblocks.

  • There may be a different timeline for you because of your employer (or spouse’s employer) deadlines.

  • Thanksgiving and Black Friday, no one shops for Medicare options during this period. People travel and have family gatherings.

  • We have Michigan vs OSU in 2 weeks (it’s fun to say OHOWIHATEOHIOSTATE, it sounds catchy, even though I’m not really that type, it just feels right to say it). The following day, Dallas Cowboys are going to face Patrick Mahomes, after destroying the Falcons today.

We Are Going to Press SOOON

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