Medicare Annual Election Period Soon

For all existing and (hopefully future clients), here is what you should do in order to retain our free Medicare guidance. We do not make outgoing phone calls because we do not want to be wrongfully accused of aggressive marketing and I am personally dismayed when I hear of tactics that have been deployed by my counterparts. Gross.

Our Medicare Enrollment Timeline

  • October 1: Information about 2024 Part D and Medicare Advantage plans will be available.

  • October 2 5PM ET: My live review of the selection of plans, both Part D and Medicare Advantage (for paid subscribers only).

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  • I need a completed Scope of Sales Appointment, download this form. Initials in the Part D or Medicare Advantage box, scan.

  • Return to info at gh2benefits dot com. This does NOT obligate you, it is for my regulatory purposes.

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning Clients: you do NOT need to complete this, I will reach out to you, as always.