Medicare Part D Will Save Thousand$ For Some

Medicare Part D has some crazy, complicated math involved. There is the out-of-pocket cost, which is how much you pay at the cash register. There is another number, TrOOP, which adds the discount (75%) that the pharmaceuticals provide, if you have met the Part D deductible.

The bottom line is that once the larger number (TrOOP) hits the upper band ($7400), then your costs are reduced to 5% or small copay. That is this year.

Next year, once the TrOOP hits the upper band ($8000), then your costs will be reduced to $0. For those with very, very expensive medications, this will save thousands, because 5% of $50,000 is still $2500 a year.

In 2025, even better, all Part D plans will have a maximum out of pocket limit, at $2000 a year.
Link to a very good KFF article: read here.