Medicare Plan Profits Lower

Let’s say that you are an adolescent. You get an allowance from your parent(s), that you don’t control. You hope to get more next year, but you don’t know this for sure. From there, you start buying stuff.

  • Let’s say your parents start introducing restrictions.

  • Let’s say that the price of comic books starts increasing.

  • Let’s say there are only a fixed number of cans of soda available, and your friends attempt to buy the same soda, which prevents you from buying that soda?

  • Guess what? You’re a Medicare Advantage / Part D carrier. It may seem like they can do whatever they want, unabated. Nah.

Can the ripple effect be that benefits will be curtailed in the future? Yes. That has always been the case, these are annual contracts. My favorite book, my presentations, make this point #1A when thinking about Medicare Advantage or Part D plans. The implication of the term ‘annual contract?’ Every detail is subject to intense competition, and change, every single year. No exceptions.

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Relentless and Exhausting

Let me repeat, for the 10,356,356th time: there will always be controversy around healthcare and health insurance, in the absence of socialized medicine. Socialized medicine cannot be practically implemented, I have no problem making this prediction. So, the idea of “fair” or “right” is fine for philosophy class. But, this isn’t philosophy class.

That is a different debate, we do not have the political or fiscal ability to implement socialized medicine, even if that was the agreed-upon goal, which it is not. I have 500 suggestions, ‘they’ are not listening to me. If they did, some of my suggestions would be met with violent objection, and I don’t aspire to become an elected official.

For Consumers, It’s “Simple”

One size does not fit all, don’t use our energy searching for a non-existent utopia. Better: get correctly and thoroughly informed. And then, with the rewards and risks in mind, decide.