Medigap: The New York State Example

There are some states where it is clear that the price difference among Medigap plans is simply not worth it. Note this is a very far departure from my normal comments.

You can see that the premium difference of $69/month x 12 months = $800.
The issue is that the Part B Excess Charge cannot be charged in New York state. In addition, it is always Medigap open enrollment period for NY residents.
No point for Plan F or Plan G: Plan N works, keep the $800.

There are other states with rights to switch Medigap policies every year (e.g. anniversary rule, birthday rule, etc). There is very good reason to check, in those states, because the price discrepancies are wider than you might realize, and no one is going to send you a memo (well, almost no one, you are reading this right now).

Link to the actual grid in NY: click here.