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Denominator Stable (for now)

This point was made on videos over the past 2 weekends. The denominator stopped moving around (you can see the height of the candles here). And in addition, the rate declined.

Quantitative tightening looms, the question is how the denominator moves.

Medicare Beginner’s Corner | My Interview On Nassau Community College Radio

Professor Jeanine Cook-Garard from the Nassau Community College Nursing Department discusses health issues concerning all of us.

I actually listened to, and liked this interview (I usually cannot stand to hear the sound of my own voice) because Dr Cook-Garard has experience in knowing that all health situations are not the same, and obviously has the ability to separate health care from health insurance.

Thanks to her, Nassau Community College, and WHPC 90.3.

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Less Than One Minute Each (click on the image)

Why Snapchat Mattered

Everyone’s An Expert Now