Mutual Funds Sponsors Aren’t The Owner of Shares, You Are

  • Vanguard and BlackRock are mutual fund managers. When they buy XXX shares of company AAA, that does not mean that the mutual fund manager is the owner of the security; YOU, the investors, are.

  • WFFM based in Ohio, did some “research.” This reporter needed to understand the first bullet point BEFORE reporting on her “research.”

  • This is a gross misrepresentation, that makes it seem that Vanguard and BlackRock were the ones responsible for the lack of dioxin testing in Ohio.

  • There is probably someone / some party that is responsible. Vanguard and BlackRock? No. That didn’t stop WFFM from strongly implying this is the case.

  • This is a gross insult to actual news reporting, which is necessary in today’s world. The lowers the credibility of the entirety. Boo..We need a new “Too long, didnt’ read” TL;DR slogan. Perhaps “Looks right, totally wrong,” i.e. LR; TW.

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