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People ask me: why is there a book, when you put everything on YouTube and the Newsletter?

Repeat after me: NOT EVEN CLOSE. There is no way that a series of 10-minute videos can be cobbled together, in piecemeal fashion, and replicate the approach in the book. I can’t assemble the articles, snippets and videos in any order.

That won’t stop people for trying.


There used to be something called FAANG, which led stock markets. Now it’s TAAG (Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Google): Microsoft should be in there, but when FANG was invented as a ‘thing,’ Mister Softee hadn’t transformed itself. GAAMT GAMAT TAAGM (none of these look quite right).






In Netflix’ case, when you don’t innovate, and you have no inherent edge, and face multiple, highly-equipped entrants, you’ve got a problem. Netflix shareholders agreed: -35% today.

Don’t Be Netflixosaurus

After I appeared on, a possibly game-changing bill was introduced. It alters the financial approach for those selecting health insurance plans, via their employer or themselves. That is what can happen, a single bill can have ripple effects that could benefit you by $1k a year for an untold period of time.

Note: the image below is about a proposed change to Medicare, BUT HSA accounts are important for all age divisions to understand. Braces on a pre-tax basis, anyone?

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