No Crystal Ball Required, Book It

Medicaid has been extended to many without being checked as a result of the pandemic, and that is going to end. The CMS has sent out letters to states about it.

This is gonna get ugly: states are not prepared for the end of Medicaid to millions when the public emergency is declared to be over. People even less so. This is almost a certainty (link). The image below can be found everywhere, pretty much.

If someone you know who will be affected, and their income (even their estimated income) is within these levels, then they can still enroll in health insurance now. And $0 premiums will be available, with reduced deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

There are two pathways.

  • Even if you are not on Medicaid, but you qualify as defined by the image above, then you can enroll now, you have a Special Enrollment Period (click here). Maybe I should’ve called this newsletter Money Sherpa, and not Jae’s Corner (dammit).

  • If ejected, then be sure to keep the letter that has informed you. You will also have a Special Enrollment Period.

Here’s your secret: the health would prefer this, and why? They get the insurance, and that person would not have to deal with Medicaid administration.