COVID Testing & Medicare

COVID tests are now free for Medicare beneficiaries. This is NEW (the email that was sent earlier has been updated). More reasons to stay up to date, things change, and in this world, rapidly.

Easy To Understand (not advice, dyor)

So let’s say you are the owner of a rental property

R(t) = the rents you receive on your rental property

(1+t)^t is the cost of borrowing

But now, new news has been released, and

The dominant employer in the area suddenly considers layoffs, R(t) is down, not only today, but the assumptions of future likelihood and predictability of your rental revenue is now called into question, and

Your mortgage’s interest rate on the rental property (which is floating), begins to increase, with prospects of even higher (1+i)^t in the future, and

Now, you try to sell your rental property to someone else on the day that this two pieces of information come to light. Good luck to ya.

This is pretty self-evident, right?

Guess what? You are Netflix, today, which is only a specific, albeit extreme version why the repricing of stocks is occurring. The Nasdaq 100, the ETF symbol QQQ is down 7.5% this week.

The Nasdaq 100, the ETF symbol QQQ is down 7.5% this week. If you have read these updates, then this article goes into further detail. It’s not as if this is news (link).

Is This The Bottom?

You can decide for yourself. You can remember this statement from a prior email.

This looks like a only a blip, and that it will continue higher, right?

Perhaps, except this is upside down. Remember that there is a reason that physicists and mathematicians run Wall Street. They understand that the volatility runs both ways.

Have a good weekend, I can’t really say Go Blue or Go Cowboys until the autumn, boo.

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