Both Wrong

Twitter is great for keeping up with the news, and of course, it’s the location where all sorts of distortions can be found..

The Democrats is wrong because there is no chance that the voters allow this.

Foreclosure Nation is wrong because it is a) largely speculation on the first sentence (and the idea of privatizing Medicare has been in place prior to the Biden administration), and b) employers, not elected officials, which have moved retirees, or are moving them to group Medicare Advantage, it has nothing to do with a political party. This was always going to happen.

To assign blame to a political party is misleading at best, and I’m trying to be polite.

Nerdy video on the fiscal and demographic challenges

Failure Is A Group Effort, and We Have Failed

You are here, I am the author of a book with a platform. We have not done enough, this should not be a statistic, it should not be a fact.

K.F.F. estimates that only 50 percent to 65 percent of the Medicare beneficiaries with incomes low enough to qualify for the Medicare assistance program are enrolled, and 55 percent to 70 percent of those eligible for Extra Help are signed up.

This was in the New York Times: click to read the full article.

I was so dismayed, I pressed “broadcast,” and fired this out.

If you know someone who is struggling to pay for Medicare premiums, there is financial assistance at the state level (Medicare Savings Programs) and the federal level (Extra Help).

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