This Just In: Wharton Professor Subscribes!

Not really. I wouldn’t boast about professors from backwater, lower-quality schools (calm down, I’m kidding).

Today, Snapchat went down by 40%. It is small and insignificant (unless you are between 15-27 years old, in which case it is vital, but not for reasons that can/should be stated on this specific newsletter).

ANYWAYS…it’s not as if you haven’t been armed with the principles to understand the video.

Stocks For Show, Bonds For Dough, my snap(py) mantra, and years of videos & newsletter, and posts about the arena where I have had a front row seat around the planet.

Add the NPV equation (hijacked from The Motley Fool).

Add in a dash of “never forget the lattice.”

VOILA: This Video, Then, Is Obvious

It will remain noisy, but I don’t retract any statements that have attempted to inform you how the pieces work, in what order, and how they fit together.

It is simply that this is glossed over…until it isn’t.

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