FEHB Open Enrollment Begins Nov 8 | Live Webinar on Nov 8 5PM ET

Here’s what I am going to cover, live, on November 8 at 5PM ET. It’s the largest group plan in the USA. For Paid Subscribers to the Substack only.

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IMPORTANT: Not financial advice, BUT the WAY to compare the inputs can be applied to any situation where you need to consider employer-provided benefits. FEHB just happens to be the nation’s largest. I am intentionally setting myself out on the limb, so that you can see that the difference in decision are enormous. The issue is that most have no idea how to decide, even if the selection of plans and options was very limited. In the FEHB case, the sheer number is overwhelming.

A sneak peek.

There are a lot more breadcrumbs on the Much More Than Medicare YT Channel: click here.