Getting the Most For Yourself

Get a plan that suits yourself, your situation, your strengths.

Within that approach, be careful about details, to get the maximum from your strengths.

Accept that random things can occur, don’t be Fooled By Randomness (still the best book which you should absolutely read).

If your approach isn’t work, actively search for something better.

ICYMI (or the fact that I am not a Walmart Wolverine). Crazy fact: I have never heard of the phrase That Team Up North.

And now, onto non-football topics….

Medicare AEP

There is still time, though quickly fleeting. You can (and should):

Check your Part D or Medicare Advantage plan

Know that if you are an existing Medicare Advantage policyowner, then you have ANOTHER time period to change during Q1. Note that you cannot be a new policyowner during that period (unless you are turning 65 or have another Special Enrollment Period)

Check your Medigap premiums, especially if you are in excellent health, the market has, in general, moved in your favor.

Free Guidance

Individual Health Insurance

The official deadline is January 15, but the practical reality is slightly different, and more complicated.

You need to actually complete your application by DECEMBER 15, in order for your individual health insurance to be intact for January 15.

There are ways to take the weaker insurance now, and possibly upgrade by January 15 (if you receive news you don’t want to hear).

Individual Health Insurance Guidance

Omicron vs Seasonality

Not financial advice, dyor.

Nasdaq and S&P > Small caps by a wide margin over the past 6 months. For paid subscribers, you have seen that from the end of 2020 through the end of March 2021, small caps ran much more than 10% higher than the S&P/Nasdaq, this past 6 months has unwound that process.

Expected with heightened doubts of “back to normal,” omicron would logically hurt those that require normalization (small caps).

Until we get further information about omicron, its seriousness, and whether or not the vaccines will be effective, the idea of “Santa Claus rally” and “seasonality” have to be examined with more scrutiny.

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Medicare ABCs Masterclass

Inside opinions about financial planning topics that I cannot / will not release in public. The reason is that some idiot reader/viewer will misinterpret or abuse a statement, and we know that I will be to blame.

If you don’t think those people exist in the world, then

you were born last night, or

you are stuck with the idea that the world is flat.

Despite Saturday, Bah Humbug:
If you think that I am making stuff up, this person continued:

I don’t need excuses or reasons, but thank you for this catalyst.

I am considering MUCH HIGHER PAYWALLS with no notice, resulting from stuff like these comments, and the non-professional behavior of wild goose-chasers (Ed in Long Island, and others).

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