Outline of Yet-Untitled Retirement Book

Perhaps it’s COVID, perhaps it was inevitable. I’ll write another book about putting the jigsaw puzzle of retirement together. The challenge for you is that you are not quite certain what is underneath any stone. It can be both a pitfall or a huge opportunity.

To make it more challenging, the weather can change, move the stones, bring in new ones, or erosion can occur.

For Comprehensive Financial Planning clients, they have already see all of the topics, in full flight. The mental outline is the one that I have followed when considering your specific situation, and the specific set of market alternatives that exist in order to deal with it.

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For paid subscribers, the work-in-progress outline is here as a Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can feel free to copy it, you can send your suggestions, too. I will listen, of course, but will retain the sole right to accept or reject.

Democracy is great and all, it’s also imperfect and inefficient in certain ways. We didn’t need the last years to know this.

You can click: Outline of Yet-Untitled Retirement Book