Portfolio Analyzer | My Explanation

You Need To Know How To Use It

There are tools that tell you how likely it is that your money will last.

I am not doubting the accuracy of the calculations themselves. The issue is similar to when Google search and now, ChatGPT, work. Remember that your friends could get the info from Google and you failed? It was because your friend knew what to type in the Search bar.

A similar thing exists when it comes to these tools. My issue with almost all tools is that we get a summary answer, without seeing their work, at different points in time. That’s ok, but 2022 was very far away from what models presumed to be inputs. The result is that there can be both false confidence and false fear, when the results are received.

PortfolioVisualizer.com does show how your portfolio might perform, but even then, you do need to examine the answers along the way. That’s explained in the video.