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Jae Oh’s Maximize Your Medicare is the best book I’ve read on understanding all of the Medicare options and how Medicare intersects with other health insurance options. And he provides frequent updates so that new readers have the most up-to-date information about the constantly changing world of Medicare.

—Wade Pfau, professor of Retirement Income at The American College and author of the Retirement Planning Guidebook

“Maximize Your Medicare’s real-world, practical information makes it a must-read for both current and future retirees. This book is one of a kind because it provides a practical strategy, a practical approach of how to think about how Medicare works today, and how it can affect a retirement plan in the future. There are many books on the topic of retirement planning, from Social Security to investing, written by professionals who have direct real-world experience. Similar guidance is difficult to find regarding Medicare, where the pitfalls are everywhere, especially when a Medicare beneficiary is not aware of the nuances that are not stated in the many advertisements and mailings.”

—Robert Powell, editor, Retirement Daily

“Jae Oh has unquestionably mastered the challenge of making sense of the byzantine Medicare rules, regulations, and little-

known nuances and pitfalls. Oh deserves great praise for his adept skill at translating what is, for most, too difficult a language to comprehend. I have learned a lot and am grateful to Oh for devoting so much of his time and energy to create what is clearly a Medicare roadmap for all to follow. Anyone who follows the advice and guidance provided will not only find their way to an optimal Medicare coverage to meet their needs, but will also enjoy

the added health benefit of reducing the stress related to the cost of accessing health care.”

Professionally, I advise clients about their rights under the various Medicare programs. Even with all of this knowledge and experience, when it came time to straighten out coverages for my mother, I thankfully turned to Jae. His practical expertise understanding the system and how to effectively navigate it is unparalleled.

—Sanford J. Mall, JD, elder law attorney, VA accredited attorney, and member of the Council of Advanced Practitioners and National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

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