Precision Matters

You could laugh at me (take a number), given the fact that there are very frequently typographical errors on this newsletter. Shh: I don’t have time for lots of editing, and once I press send, I will be so disappointed in myself, that I cannot bear to read what I have sent. #Facts.

Anyways, the fact is that advertisements contain omissions, and sometimes, they are not trivial (my mom says I say the phrase “very important” too frequently, everyone’s a wordsmith).

So term life insurance has become automated to some degree, and you can see the ads everywhere.

  • Some are individual carriers, some are brokerages.

  • This one is a life insurance carrier, and it’s still not quite right. It “might be” ok if you are Miss Perfect. EVEN THEN, you are not sure if this is the best price.

You can go to the website (click on the image or click here).

About one month away for the paperbook, ebook available now (click here).