Principle Is More Important Than Jargon or Sales Points

You can change the type of financial contract, change the jargon, the exercise is the same. The reason that people find financial stuff confusing is they are caught up in the “commonly-held advice” without getting the principles right first, as they apply to your situation. Instead, people watch YouTube videos called “what your life insurance agent isn’t telling you.”

In other words, they deferred, caught up in snappy takeaways, like Michigan did. Maybe it would’ve ended the way it did. Except, now we will never know. That doesn’t make that first decision (to defer) correct.

The same exercise exists, as applied to every financial decision, here’s an incomplete list.

  • Portfolio Construction

  • Social Security

  • Life Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Long-Term Care

  • Retirement timing

  • Financial Planning

Literally, the case studies on this are endless over here. The actual details of the policies themselves are secondary, we can almost always find the specific policy to “right fit” the situation.

Happy New Year, on to Dallas.