Most Of Our Medicare Work Is Done

The results, as expected, with the last bullet point becoming more prominent, a trend that I fully expect to continue, and as discussed in the newest edition of my fave Medicare book (ahem, you can pre-order it by clicking here).

Archaic plans ejected, saves $4700 a year for a couple. If your Medicare Advantage plan costs >$50 a month, or if your Part D plan costs >$40 a month, my best guess is that your plan is obsolete.

Late Enrollment Penalties discontinued.

Medigap premiums lowered

Crazy enrollment timing problems resolved

These take TIME, they do not resolve themselves in a flash. And that time is running out fast, we are about to divert our resources to the Individual Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period.
That all said, there’s STILL time, we work fast.

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Individual Health Insurance Enrollment

Early next week, how to pick off health insurance and Medicare plans will be released to paid subscribers.

Quoting Tool

The Huge Caveat…
is that if you enter wrongly, then your estimate will be WAYYYYY off. That can lead to tax problems, or can wrongly discourage you from possibly selecting a plan.

This is even before the fact that most people don’t know how/what/why to select a plan, whose quantity will be much larger in 2022.

Send Your Best To My Friend Brooke K

Early 30s, my friend. She probably only knows me as sarcastic Jae, just some random guy. That is the way I like it. No one deserves sudden news that will require serious healthcare services. Sometimes, science and knowledge about financial products isn’t sufficient. There may need to be other intervention from sources unexplained by science and probability. I believe this to be that time.
That said, insurance is NOT only for the patient, it is for those around Brooke, namely, for her newly-wed-husband.
After she recovers, I’ll revert to my snarky ways with her.

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Website has much more than book PR. It has official links and information that are important to enrollment and there is online quoting.
Official website for Maximize Your Medicare.