Protected Lifetime Income Study

Disclaimer: I am an Education Fellow at the Alliance For Lifetime Income.

It’s a groundbreaking piece of research, really. It’s clear that people want a protected lifetime income, are they getting the information and advice they need to create this?

  • The stability of income gives them the license to spend, the license to take risks, and the license to wait out market volatility.
  • In a similar way, I have spent a lot of time to describe the in’s and out’s of how to minimize healthcare costs, for those eligible for Medicare (ahem, available on for less than $15), or those who need to purchase health insurance on their own.

Here are two slides from the report.

My private commentary on the report, what it says, and what it doesn’t say, is on video, which is not stored on any YouTube location, here.

Alliance For Lifetime Income’s New Report