Rant Back On

It is the first time in 10 years that I have ever cancelled or not appeared as promised. There is a very good reason that I cancelled a commitment to deliver my presentation, Medicare ABCs, to William & Mary OLLI: it suggested this newsletter was solicitation, when those added could freely unsubscribe without consequence.

William & Mary OLLI put its sense of entitlement and the idea that it could intimidate me into following their antiquated rules (an example of an antiquated custom: the ongoing situation where women are paid 20-30% less than a male for the same job). They put those beliefs above all, higher than the value of information I would’ve voluntarily provided, not to mention the fact that the attendees will know others, not in attendance, who have no idea what to ask, or where to even begin to ask. The ripple effect of its short-sightedness is either sad, or comical.

Let’s settle on the word gross, and that’s really as nicely as I can put it. Jae the Sailor has other descriptions, you can believe that. To not actually attach any practical common sense, or complete the any diligence, to not understand there is NO PRACTICAL WAY that a single attendee’s information would possibly be wrongfully distributed by us (RIGHT, I’m going to violate stuff and jeopardize the entire list of work to which i attach my name)? In other words, that’s a YOU problem.

To not cancel would’ve made me no better than Quintin Tarrantino.