Readers Of Jae’s Corner Are Should Be 100% Unsurprised

In the absence of a crystal ball, bond market stability has underpinned our nation’s everything. Literally. Credit cards, auto loans/leases, mortgages, and every other risky asset. Stocks (and other stuff) for show, bonds for dough.

Given bond market volatility, then, these results cannot be surprising. ONLY CTAs (Commodity Trading Advisors which will be the most active traders) survived, everything exactly as expected.

We have examined the bottom panel, especially the 60% US Equity : 40% US Bonds.

This Too

Readers have been show this image frequently.

And Yahoo and Bloomberg mentioned it here,

Losing 5% Was Best You Could Do in Stocks and Bonds This Quarter click.


  • Not financial advice, dyor.

  • Question is how does your financial plan work under volatile markets.

  1. How much of your financial plan depends on financial markets returns, which you cannot control?

  2. Do you have time to recover?

  3. Do you have liquid cash enough to wait?

  4. Let’s say twelve months pass, have your answers to 1-3 changed?

  5. How would you adjust if this choppiness persists?

This has been very good timing for this amount of choppiness, because it has given you the window to observe the results, and think.

Have a good weekend, and don’t forget the picture at the top (either way, Saturday night might be the most-watched college basketball game, ever).