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Stocks Cheered, Bonds Didn’t (not financial advice dyor)

My observations on Sunday, and my droning during hour #3 (Stocks for show, bonds for dough) did make sense on Monday. While stocks rose, so did bonds, and so while stocks get the headlines, the flight to quality ensued, and look today…equities have forgotten yesterday entirely (and some, as of this moment), and bonds have continued to rise in price.

Yikes to the foreign exchange market, where the Japanese Yen is at its lowest level, compared to the US, in 7 years. The big dog has arrived. When foreign exchange arrives on the scene, and is this volatile, there’s a problem somewhere, or there is going to be.

The foreign exchange market dwarfs the bond market, which in turn, dwarfs the stock market, which in turn makes Elon’s purchase of Twitter un-newsworthy. How about people pay attention to the biggest markets first, and not the gnat on the tail of a dog? While there is never a crystal ball, the large markets suggested that the small markets were jus’ playin’.

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