Welcome to Jae’s Corner

You will no longer receive a Maximize Your Medicare Newsletter. The platform is too inflexible, the information comes too fast, the topics are too varied, and very very frequently have nothing to do with Medicare. So its new name is Jae’s Corner, reflecting the fact that I’m just a guy with tidbits of stuff.

This platform (Substack) will have the posts, directly to your inbox, as it happens. There won’t be waiting around, I won’t be under a constant panic in attempting to struggle with the formatting of the newsletter.

Here, you can ask your questions and leave your comments, right from the post as well, as it happens.

If you like giving away free options (something that I literally never recommend on any financial topic), feel free to unsubscribe. Better idea: forward this email to a friend, who almost certainly could use the information here, but frequently doesn’t have any idea where to start.

In fact, you may not even know that your relative, your friend, your neighbor, even has the question for him/herself.

This is not a question of if the information will be helpful, it is a question of making someone aware that the answers can exist and if I don’t have them, gimme a minute to make a call. Very likely we will get it, and quickly: I have many chits to cash in, sitting in my back pocket.


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