Santa Still Flyin’ All Over The Joint

January Effect is a real thing. You will need to think the world will end in order to fight against it (not financial advice, dyor).

Markets don’t care what you (or I) think.

  • Bubble in risky assets. Real estate gone mad.

  • Inflation high, supply problems real (yes, my physical book is delayed), and central banks are behind the curve.

  • COVID variants may curtail economic activity.

  • China real estate disaster, in a black hole, since we don’t get any transparency.

Then, there is the real world.

  1. The actual inflow of actual money into financial markets is greater during January than all other months, combined, on a net basis.

  2. So if the house next door is way overpriced, but there are 5 buyers for every seller, guess what??? The price is not likely to decline.

This is a possible Grinch, this will likely be mentioned soon