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It’s an image of the email that was sent yesterday, as I commented about Santa’s sleigh ride (financial markets higher). The good thing about the

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All We Need is Video Gaga

I doubt that we are going back, video has won. It also brings a LOT of problems.

Fragments that you consume have incomplete or subtly-biased information (e.g. commercials / advertisements). Most of my specific criticism here is in the paid Substack. I am not in the business of systematically throwing rocks at other people that are trying to make a living, but generalizations can be very ill-fitting for you. Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, YT Channels with many more subscribers, are largely producing for the masses.

Fragments of information leave gaps, and one of those can bite you, exactly when it is most harmful to you.

You get topic #1 right, but leave topics #2-#X untouched, and one of those overwhelms topic #1 (e.g. IRMAA/APTC vs Roth IRA).

People want the fastest answer, I get it. I have shortened the videos. It isn’t all great, because walking the line between concise and complete is not easy.

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The Obvious Positive

I already know that not every reader of my book or observer becomes a client. There are a long list of reasons.

You don’t trust financial people.

You think that I am selling something in my interest first.

You think that you can execute yourself.

You think that these knowledge of these topics is a commodity (more on this later), and a specialty.

Some of these doubts have been earned, because you may have prior experience, with someone else. But, when do you find out that the bullet points are untrue? When it’s too late, and in some of those cases, I cannot extract you.

We’re Still Better Off (Including You)

If Debbie Doubter watches the Channel, hopefully they get an accurate fragment from the Much More Than Medicare Channel. Hopefully they realize a fragment isn’t a complete answer. Either way, if your uninformed neighbor knows something he should, then we are all better off. I’ll stick to that.


You may find that a specific video doesn’t address your specific question. You can leave your comments/questions, but it can easily be that a different video has addressed a specific question. The videos are organized in playlists, and that organization will improve in the immediate term (YouTube doesn’t do a great job of ordering the playlists, boo on them).

Leave Your Comments and Questions on YouTube

There are a crazy number of videos posted, every single second, on YouTube. YouTube is scanning itself, and making recommendations based on how long you watch, etc, including your comments. When you leave your comments and questions, this increases the chance that OTHERS will also see the video when they are on YouTube.
So, if you have comments, questions, and suggestions, please share them on YouTube.

No, plastic surgery of the presenter isn’t an option (yet), we’re kinda stuck there.