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A full review of an individual contract or situation. Here are some examples:

  • Review your life insurance, to find out if your rate is competitive, or if there is a chance of future rate increases.
  • Portfolio review. We will provide comments on your fees, and your portfolio risks. There is no perfect portfolio, so we will provide an unbiased commentary on your holdings.
  • Employee benefits. If you receive benefits as an employee, we will be able to comment on the pros and cons.

Fee waived for Medicaid recipients.


We will perform a complete review of every aspect of your financial situation. We will meet together in order to listen to your priorities, for yourself, your family, your business. We’ll analyze the details, and most importantly, we will make sure that the “story” you tell us matches the details that you provide.

We’ll prepare a detailed report, not only on the different parts, but the report will also make conclusions about how the pieces fit together. This fit is vital. You can take the report for future reference, so when life happens, you will be able to understand that some the pieces may also need to change.

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