Speaking Of Which

I attempted a Live Stream yesterday, failed. To make it worse, a setting created lower video quality than I would’ve liked (don’t tell me I need further technology investments, lol).

In This Video:

  • 0:00 2022 has been volatile but not difficult to understand why

  • 4:10 The 30-year US Treasury bond has been crushed

  • 15:20 Your European vacation is cheaper, for Ford isn’t as happy

  • 22:16 Whatever happened to “Don’t fight The Fed?” Ah right, you switched narratives because it didn’t fit your bias…got it.

  • 24:38 Modern Portfolio Theory has resulted in -17.5% YTD this year (it’s been that tough)

  • 30:00 Even if you are well prepared, randomness occurs (don’t be results-oriented in the short run)

  • 30:50 The key is: are you OK with the randomness? That depends on YOU (no one else, only you)

  • 32:25 GH2 Benefits’ Services

  • 39:30 Sometimes, the “model portfolio” doesn’t fit your situation

  • 42:15 Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you think you are right, you may still need to adjust your thinking (hmmm)

  • 44:00 Medicare updates

  • 50:00 In the real world, the word “never” is too frequently and recklessly used. I can actually think of one time it works: never give away free options.

Medicare ABCs, An Info-Only Live Webinar

If you are already a paid subscriber, then this is not necessary. A recording will be kept on gh2unfiltered.com for all paid subscribers.


A survey of what will be available in 2023. We are able to discuss plans beginning on October 1st, but usually, the Medicare Plan Finder isn’t quite ready for prime time, so let’s give it a day.

  • Review of Parts A, B & Prescription Drug Plans

  • Easier (still imperfect) enrollment

  • Medicare Plan Finder survey (you and I are likely to be shocked at the number of Medicare Advantage plans available in 2023)

  • Special code to jump to the front of the line at GH2 Benefits during the Annual Election Period

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