Special Guest: Anne Lester, Former Portfolio Manager, JPM target date funds

Only one topic today, I have been waiting to post this. Please bookmark and save the link to this video broadcast. It is so jam-packed with information, it will be difficult to digest everything at once. In addition, I will be making Director’s Cuts for the paid version of this newsletter, to chime in on some of the critical comments that Anne made.

I very frequently comment that the investment manager who services your account is not from the actual playing field of global financial markets. As a person that services the “Annes” of the world, including central banks, I will not be easily pushed off that statements. Anne is from the actual playing field at institutional size. She has been a portfolio manager of target date funds at JP Morgan. That means that she has experience in looking through the global landscape of investments, and the decision-making on running diverse portfolios. She does an excellent job of speaking about these issues, to those that want to know more.

There is something for everyone, I tried to stay as quiet as possible, let her tell you. That said, for frequent fliers here, the ideas she mentions can be found…here in this newsletter or on the Jae’s Corner YouTube Channel (click here).

Thanks to Anne, awesome guest.